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The Bulfinch Anatomy of Antique Furniture : An Illustrated Guide to Identifying Period, Detail, and Design by Tim Forrest
This volume provides a good reference for collectors of antique furniture. It includes a detailed chronology of styles and periods, coverering Europe and the US, and presents typical pieces of various categories of furniture, including details on construction. It is well illustrated.
Field Guide to Antique Furniture by Peter Philp
This beautifully illustrated guide to American, British, and continental European furniture allows for easy identification of every type of free-standing furniture from the late Middle Ages to 1940. Hundreds of original photographs and explanatory diagrams combined with surefire clues and savvy hints help the reader sort out fakes, reproductions and genuine finds.
Objects of Desire : The Lives of Antiques and Those Who Pursue Them
by Thatcher Freund
Vividly well-written love story about antiques, those who collect them, and those who sell them, as debut author Freund follows the adventures of three major pieces of furniture from their crafting centuries ago to their present-day sale in the Manhattan antiques market.
American Furniture: Understanding Styles, Construction, and Quality
by John T. Kirk
What style is it? How is it put together? Is it real or is it a fake? How can I make it look its best without destroying its value? A savvy authority answers these and many other questions about when, where, how, and even why a piece of furniture was made.
Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture
by Leigh Keno, Leslie Keno,Joan Barzilay Freund
Leigh and Leslie Keno are twins with a single passion--the pursuit of American antiques. One (Leigh) is an antiques dealer in New York. The other (Leslie) is a director at Sotheby's, New York. Together with Joan Barzilay Freund--a New York-based freelance writer who specializes in American antiques--they tell tales of the hunt.
The Antique Hunter's Guide: Tables, Chairs, Sofas, and Beds
by Marvin D. Schwartz, et al.
The history, price range, manufacturer background accompanied by a photograph of each piece of furniture allows both first-time collectors and experienced connoisseurs to identify and appraise American antiques whether they have been found in the basement, at a garage sale, consignment shop or flea market. (480 pages)
Field Guide to American Antique Furniture/a Unique Visual System for Identifying the Style of Virtually Any Piece of American Antique Furniture
by Joseph Butler & Ray Skibinski
"Excellent and easy to use reference book, illustrates styles in thier purest form. Does not treat the subject of authenticity but notes characteristics and idiosyncracies of various examples."
Antique Trader Furniture Price Guide
by Mark Moran
Anyone researching a piece of older furniture they have or are thinking of purchasing will find this book extremely helpful. In addition to good coverage of "period" furniture of the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries, more photos and listings are provided covering later 19th century furniture and 20th century furniture popular from the 1920s through the 1960s.

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