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Ancient Carpenter's Tools: Illustrated and Explained
by Henry Chapman Mercer
While Mercer served as its president 1910-30, Bucks Country (Pennsylvania) Historical Society published his 1929 account of the tools in its collection dating to the 18th century of that region. The ancient dimension arrives with the assertion that they are virtually identical to those used in the ancient world.
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by R. A. Salman
From "adze" to "yarning tool," this is a fascinating dictionary covering hand tools of every description, many long since fallen out of use. Most entries are short and to the point, but there are also many longer ones covering entire professions such as barrel making and coach building. Illustrations throughout. (546 pages)
Restoring, Tuning and Using Classic Woodworking Tools by Michael Dunbar
Here is a book for the tool collector, but especially for the tool USER. Begins with basic buying, cleaning and repairing information, then launches into a long sections on bench and specialized planes. Also covers chisels, gouges, saws, braces and bits. An excellent book.
A Museum of Early American Tools by Eric Sloane
From the famous author and painter of early American life. Fresh, informal, direct, and expressive, A Museum of Early American Tools covers early tools and the wooden and metal artifacts that our forefathers made with them. Includes dozens of pen-and-ink sketches.
A Price Guide to Antique Tools by Herbert P. Kean
An attractive, logical and readable source book for auctioneers disposing an estate, appraisers valuing an estate or those just wandering through flea markets
The Tool Shed Treasury: The Best Articles on Antique Tool Collecting from Crafts by Hank Allen (Editor)
... [E]nlightening collection of 48 articles and stories taken from the Tool Shed of the Collectors of Rare and Familiar Tools Society. Everyone involved with old tools will find something to interest him here....
Collecting Antique Tools by Herbert Kean and Emil Pollak
Those who have interest in old tools... will have interest in this book. Short sections treat the materials used in tools, cleaning/restoring/displaying tools, buying antique tools. Also to be found here are a short but quite useful bibliography, and a list of antique tool clubs and organizations. But the value of the book derives mainly from its nearly 300 plates.

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