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Refinishing Old Furniture by George Wagoner
Wagoner guides readers step-by-step through the process of restoring the original luster on faded and damaged furniture -- beginning with the selection of salvageable pieces for refinishing. Readers learn what finishes, removers, glues, putties, oil colors, and sealers are available, which are best for a particular project, and how to prepare wood for the job without destroying its venerable character.
The Big Book of Decorative Painting by Jackie Shaw
This book clearly and thoroughly explains the methods of adorning objects with stylized flowers, fruit, scrolls, and other organic designs. Shaw walks you step by step through all manner of decorative painting motifs, from the simplest comma-stroke leaf to the most elaborate floral sprays. (336 pages)
Annie Sloan Decorative Paint Effects by Annie Sloan and Geoff Dann
This book provides lovely illustrations and simple instructions to guide you through basic and more detailed techniques. Great project ideas as well. (96 pages)

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