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The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book
by Thomas Sheraton, Joseph Aronson
First published in 1791, this pattern book illustrated the other half of Federal period furniture, the Sheraton style. As with the Hepplewhite book (see next entry), Sheraton's illustrations are highly ornamented -- not to suggest that furniture should actually be built that way, but to show all the possibilities from which the furniture maker could choose.
The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide
by George Hepplewhite, J. Aronson
First published in 1788, this famous pattern book was the foundation for the Hepplewhite style which flourished during the Federal period. These are not Hepplewhite's own designs, but a collection of the styles and style elements then current in England.
Southern Furniture 1680-1830 : The Colonial Williamsburg Collection
by Ronald L. Hurst, Jonathan Prown
This glorious work focuses not only on the fine artistry and diversity of the functional items but also the historical background of the Chesapeake, Low Country, and Backcountry regions of Virginia and North and South Carolina.... Beautiful illustrations highlight each of the 183 objects from simple, roughhewn elegance to detailed, ornate craftsmanship.
American Furniture: Understanding Styles, Construction, and Quality
by John T. Kirk
What style is it? How is it put together? Is it real or is it a fake? How can I make it look its best without destroying its value? A savvy authority answers these and many other questions about when, where, how, and even why a piece of furniture was made.
American Furniture (American Furniture 2000)
by by Luke Beckerdite (Editor)
Since 1993, an annual publication forging a link between social history, American studies, and the decorative arts. Acknowledged as the journal of record in its field, American Furniture presents new research on furniture design, use, production, and appreciation.
In the 18th Century Style: Building Furniture Inspired by the 18th Century Tradition by Editors of Fine Woodworking magazine
This collection brings together the best articles from Fine Woodworking and Home Furniture magazines on building furniture according to 18th-century design principles. Divided into three parts -- Style and Design, Projects and Techniques, and Inspiration -- the book offers background on the style, detailed instructions, and inspiring photos of finished pieces. 250 color photographs and illustrations are included.
Gentleman and Cabinet Maker Director by Thomas Chippendale
This is the modern edition of the classic work originally published in the 18th century. Chippendale, an English cabinet maker, covers Rococo, Chinese, and Gothic designs. Illustrated thoughout with an appendix of photographs of Chippendale-era pieces. "This is perhaps the single most historically significant book on furniture design ever written...."
American Furniture of the 18th Century by Jeffrey P. Greene
American Furniture Of The 18th Century bridges the gap between the art of period furniture and the craft of furniture making. Jeffrey Greene's meticulous research of styles, makers and period methods produces a rare combination of history and technique that is bursting with information and insight.
The Book of Shaker Furniture by John Kassay
This book includes a history of the Shakers and their furniture, overall measurements of the furniture and complete plans for a limited number of pieces. "A classic work on the Shaker community and furniture."
Queen Anne Furniture: History, Design and Construction by Norman Vandal
A wonderful book primarily intended for the furniture maker, but also an excellent overview of the style. Includes a primer on cabriole legs, plus detailed instructions for building 18 Queen Anne pieces, from a tea table to a bonnet top chest, with photos and measured drawing for each one. Superb! (247 pages)
Furniture Treasury by Wallace Nutting
A fabulous collection of 5000 b&w photos with brief descriptions covering all types of furniture from the "Pilgrim century" to the early 19th century. Includes a large set of Windsor photos.
American Country Furniture by Nick Engler and Mary Jane Favorite
Primarily for woodworkers, this book provides all the information needed to reproduce 35 authentic country projects from the Workshops of David T. Smith in Warren Couny, Ohio. Includes tables, chairs, chests, benches, and cabinets. Well illustrated with photos and measured drawings. Includes a historical overview of American country furniture. (422 pages)
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