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Williamsburg Christmas: The Story of Decoration in the Colonial Capital
by Libbey Hodges Oliver, Mary Miley Theobald, Erik Kvalsvik
"With its lively, readable text and beautiful photography, Williamsburg Christmas is a must have book for anyone who enjoys Colonial history and Williamsburg. It makes you want to make that visit to Williamsburg during the Christmas holidays."
Outdoor and Survival Skills for Nature Photographers
by Ralph Laplant and Amy Sharpe
Going beyond knowing how to use a camera, this book addresses situations and skills particular to photographing outdoors and provides vital information to ensure a photographer is equipped to handle them properly. A successful nature photographer not only needs the right equipment, but must also know how to protect gear from dirt, weather, and wear. Also included is information on tracking and approaching wildlife, as well as a discussion of blinds and camouflage.

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