Chair Prices For 2017
Plus Packaging and Shipping Info
from Bob Dillon Windsor Chairs

Contact: Email -- 218-682-2075

Chairs are available in Regular Paint; Distressed Paint; or unfinished. Descriptions of each finish available HERE.
* * * Prices in U.S. Dollars * * *
see note below
Sack-back (paddle-arm) info549.00610.00645.00
Sack-back (knuckle-arm) info653.00725.00760.00
Sack-back w/ Comb info873.00970.001005.00
Continuous-arm (paddle-arm) info653.00725.00760.00
Continuous-arm (knuckle-arm) info756.00840.00875.00
Continuous-arm w/ Comb info977.001085.001120.00
Bow-back Dining Chair info392.00435.00460.00
Bow-back Dining Chair (Braced) info450.00500.00530.00
Fan-back Arm-chair info890.00890.00930.00
Fan-back Arm-chair (braced) info918.001020.001060.00
Fan-back Side-chair info450.00500.00530.00
Fan-back Side-chair (braced) info504.00560.00590.00
Sack-back Rocker (paddle-arm) info693.00770.00810.00
Sack-back Rocker(knuckle-arm) info797.00885.00925.00
Fan-back Rocker (w/o bracing) info923.001025.001060.00
Fan-back Rocker (braced) info1035.001150.001190.00
Bow-back Kitchen Chair info342.00380.00400.00
Rod-back Kitchen Chair info342.00380.00400.00
Birdcage Windsor info392.00435.00460.00
50" Settee (paddle-arm) info1202.001335.001410.00155.00
50" Settee (knuckle-arm) info1305.001450.001525.00155.00
71" Settee (paddle-arm) info1710.001900.001985.00220.00
71" Settee (knuckle-arm) info1814.002015.002100.00220.00
50" Settee With Comb info1865.001940.00155.00
Swivel Barstool info555.00590.00
Barstool w/o Swivel info495.00525.00
12" Stool info110.00120.00
18" Stool info125.00140.00
24" Stool info140.00150.00
30" Stool info150.00160.00
36" Stool info175.00185.00
Youth Chair info460.00490.00
UNFINISHED CHAIRS → →Unfinished chairs ready for stain and clear finish, same price as "Regular Paint." For unfinished chairs that are to be painted, I subtract 10% from "Regular Paint" price. (see also Finish Page)
Convert any chair style to a rocker or swivel barstool → →Add $135 to the regular price of the desired style and finish
Convert any chair style to a barstool without the swivel → →Add $75 to the regular price of the desired style and finish

Contact: Email -- 218-682-2075


All chairs are wrapped in bubble-wrap and enclosed in a carton. Side chairs can be packaged two to a box. Sometimes an arm-chair and a side-chair can share a box. Chair prices above include packaging.

Settees must be crated. The crating fee for a 50" settee is $155 (not including shipping); crating for a 72" settee is $220.


The customer is liable for all shipping charges.

Chairs shipped to addresses in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa; some additional cities bordering those states; or in parts of northern Illinois or northern Nebraska, can be shipped via SPEE DEE Delivery, a Minnesota-based package delivery service. All chairs and stools can be shipped via UPS or motor freight. Settees are shipped via motor freight only.

Contact me for a quote of the shipping charges for the order you are considering. Please include your zip code.

contact: (also see contact page)
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