Sack-back Windsor Rocker

Description and History

high-back sack-back Windsor rocking chair from Bob Dillon Windsor Chairs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 26" x 27" x 42" tall
  • Seat Dimensions: 21" wide x 17" deep
  • Standard Seat Height: 15"
  • Between Arms: 19"
  • Available with paddle- or knuckle-arm.
  • Details: paddle arm, knuckle arm, leg

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According to Charles Santore (The Windsor Style in America), "Windsor rocking chairs were produced in all the chairmaking regions throughout the second half of the eighteenth century, although they were few and far between until the end of the century." In fact, many antique rockers from the period are regular Windsor chairs with added rockers. By the early nineteenth century, however, rocking chairs had become very popular, perhaps the best known being the Salem Rocker from New England.

I got the idea for my rocking chair after seeing a high-back version of a sack-back at a customer's house. The high-back seems especially appropriate on a chair made for leisure. There is an extra spindle in this chair -- a rocker reclines more than a dining chair so your back is pressed against the spindles with greater force. An additional spindle seemed prudent for both strength and comfort.

Also, any of my chairs, such as the regular sack-back shown below, can be made as a rocker. Prices are outlined on the Price Page -- scroll down to the bottom of the chart.

low-back sack-back Windsor rocking chair from Bob Dillon Windsor Chairs. A word about seat height: After assembling the original prototype of my sack-back rocker, I was afraid I had made the seat too low. But when I brought the chair to shows, it proved a big hit -- especially among women who complained that rocking chairs too often left them with feet dangling. I am about 5'10½" tall and I still use that prototype (a lot!) and find it to be just fine. If, however, you are a bit on the tall side, you may want to consider ordering your rocker with an extra inch added to the legs (no additional charge).

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