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American Windsor Chairs by Nancy Goyne Evans
A comprehensive study of Windsor chair history, design, decoration and production with an emphasis on regional differences. Over 1000 illustrations, 25 color plates and 24 maps. (744 pages)
American Windsor Furniture : Specialized Forms by Nancy Goyne Evans
The indispensable companion volume to Hudson Hills Press' phenomenal American Windsor Chairs.
The Windsor Style in America by Charles Santore
Santore begins with the history of the Windsor chair then takes you through each style, explaining its characteristics, evolution and regional differences. More than 500 photographs and illustrations including a chapter of color plates. (496 pages)
The Book of American Windsor Furniture: Styles and Technologies
by John Kassay
Kassay meticulously documents all of the features and styles of Windsor chairs with drawings so accurate and precise that furniture makers can use them as blueprints for creating reproductions. (211 pages)
Furniture Treasury by Wallace Nutting
A fabulous collection of 5000 b&w photos with brief descriptions covering all types of furniture from the "Pilgrim century" to the early 19th century. Includes a large set of Windsor photos.
Windsor Chairs : An Illustrated Handbook by Wallace Nutting
Nutting's Windsor chair pictures and information without having to buy "Furniture Treasury" (see above).
Make a Windsor Chair With Michael Dunbar by Michael Dunbar
If you want to bypass guys like me and make your own chairs, this book is an excellent place to start. In fact this book got me started in the business. Mike also teaches chairmaking at his "Windsor Institute" in New Hampshire.

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